COVID-19 support measures of the government for Period 11 (1.01.2020 – 31.01.2020)

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If you want to claim COVID-19 support benefits for the period 01.01.21 – 31.01.2021 you need to apply by Saturday 06/02/2021.

The Special Unemployment Benefit which will be granted for the period of January will be 500 euros. 

Note – You could be eligible for support allowances, if you are: 

•             Self-employed

•             Own a business that has ceased operation or has a significant loss of income, due to covid-19 pandemic

•             Unemployed

You can find details and the application forms at 

For any related information and assistance, you can call us at 22205959 or find us on WhatsApp/Viber at 97767329.

Find the announcement in Arabic, French and Somali here >