Our Work


We advocate for positive changes in legislations, policies and practices, in accordance with International and European Laws. This is carried out directly towards national, EU and International bodies, through evidence based advocacy.

Case Management

Our team of professionals follows an inter-disciplinary approach, by providing legal, social and psychological support tailored to the needs of the individual beneficiary with the aim to facilitate access to rights, integration into the local communities and a dignified life.


In the context of various projects, we undertake research activities in order to enhance existing knowledge and to identify any emerging issues for our beneficiaries. We conduct sound analysis of the cultural, political and economic context of population of persons of concern and their host communities as well as the community dynamics.

Community Support

With the aim to empower the populations of concern and facilitate their meaningful participation in all aspects of society, we organise community-based activities within the framework of various projects to build confidence and enhance capacity. Being in close proximity with the communities also helps us to ensure that our work reflects their needs and challenges.

Capacity Building

Utilising the extensive experience of our professionals, we conduct trainings, workshops, seminars and other capacity building activities for NGOs and professionals in the field, volunteers and members of local communities, authorities and policy makers.

Public Awareness

We promote a positive and respectful public attitude towards vulnerable groups by encouraging open-mindedness, addressing marginalisation and discrimination of persons of concern and combating xenophobia and intolerance. Furthermore, we network with relevant civil society actors, educational institutions and media for collaborative actions.

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