Our Projects

A big part of our work is supported through the implementation of various projects. Our projects are funded through local, European and International funders. You can find out more about our projects below. 

Strengthening Asylum is a project funded by the UNHCR Representation in Cyprus. The project aims to advocate for the enhancement of rights of asylum seekers and refugees, as well as to support, and encourage their integration into the Cypriot society. 

This project gives us the responsibility to work towards strengthening the asylum system in the Republic of Cyprus, and assisting asylum seekers during the asylum procedure, as well as refugees, residing in Cyprus under international protection. The project offers free legal and social advice to asylum seekers and persons under international protection. Its main objective is to ensure that beneficiaries have access to a fair and efficient asylum procedure, while they can enjoy the rights they are entitled to according to national, European, and International law.

Pilot Implementation of Alternatives to Detention (AtDs) of TCN in Cyprus, is a 2-year project funded by  the European Programme for Integration and Migration (EPIM).

The project aims to facilitate a holistic approach towards the adoption and implementation of AtDs in Cyprus, based on IDC’s Revised Community Assessment and Placement (CAP) Model. The project is designed around three main elements: Case Management, Capacity Building and Advocacy.

Supporting Victims of Torture is a project funded by the United Nations Voluntary Fund for Victims of Torture. The project aims to support and promote the empowerment and rehabilitation of people who have been subjected to torture, inhumane, degrading treatment or punishment in their country of origin and/or in Cyprus. Victims are mainly refugees and asylum seekers, as well as nd at times victims of trafficking and undocumented migrants.

The projects overall aim is to inform, support and encourage reporting of refugee women GBV victims by offering them access to specific support service. This project improves their access to support services and the capacity of professionals to assist these victims, by training, mutually learning and co-creating a new support service (a counseling method). 

The project “Co-creating a counseling method for refugee women gender-based violence victims” is funded by the European Commission Directorate-General Justice and Consumers.

This project is a European project between seven expert refugee rehabilitation centers. It aims in designing and testing an empowerment method for survivors of torture and victims of trafficking. The method will be presented through a conference to all expert centers in Europe.