School Registrations for Primary and Kindergardens (academic year 2021-2022)

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All children, ages 5-18 years old, in Cyprus have a right to attend school for free, regardless of nationality or status. Please note parents are obliged to enroll their children in school if not the Police and/or Social Welfare Service will intervene. 

School Registration Procedure:

Due to the new measures from the Ministry of Health for Covid19, the Ministry of Education announced that all registrations/transfers to Kindergartens and Primary Schools for the school year 2021-2022, need to be done through telephone (for Primary Schools) or by a special form, which will be provided to the pupils (for the Kindergartens).

For students registering for the first time, parents or guardians need to visit the school to submit the application and necessary documents (in designated box). To visit the school, according to the new measures, parents or guardians need to send an SMS to 8998 under category 4. The necessary forms can be found online or at the schools.

The registration period is 12 -15 January 2021 ONLY.

Find the relevant announcement in Greek here>