The European Network on Statelessness in partnership with its members has developed a new online tool called the Statelessness Index to assess how countries in Europe protect stateless people and what they are doing to prevent and reduce statelessness.

The Statelessness Index is the first tool to provide comprehensive and accessible comparative analysis of European countries’ efforts to address statelessness. It has been developed as a tool for sharing good practice as well as raising awareness or focusing advocacy on areas that need improvement. The Index draws on extensive country by country analysis of law, policy and practice, which has been benchmarked against international norms and good practice and then assessed using five categories, ranging from the most positive to the most negative.

The country profile on Cyprus has been written by the Cyprus Refugee Council in partnership with the European Network on Statelessness and provides a comprehensive analysis on statelessness in the country. The online tool provides the possibility to compare how Cyprus performs in comparison with other European countries.

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